09/2020 – 08/2023

FLexible Automated on-call MOBility solution using Artificial Intelligence

In the FLASHMOB KI project, solutions for the increased demands on mobility in rural areas are being researched.

Here, above all, the different needs of mobility providers and passengers are at odds with each other. On the one hand, municipalities find it difficult to put the costs and benefits of investments in the field of public transport in relation to each other due to the difficulty of forecasting the requirements of rural areas. Due to the complex requirement profiles of the individual users, finding a global solution proves to be problematic and often results in expensive empty runs.

The project FLASHMOB KI tries to counteract these challenges by applying state-of-the-art methods of digitalization. The overall goal of the project is to create a demonstrator for a mobility platform for rural areas (app), where transport from A to B can be booked flexibly in a very simple and intuitive way. Here, the user either has the option to book his ride at a fixed time or to be picked up within a flexible variance.

The focus is on the development of the methodologies as well as the algorithms that calculate the optimal route based on the requirements in order to avoid empty trips and to bundle individual trips in an optimal way. To simplify the development as well as the testing, the testing will be integrated into the simulation concept. Appropriate visualization also makes the effects of adjustments to the algorithms quickly visible.