Flexible mobility in rural areas

Innovative mobility concepts such as car sharing, and ride pooling are primarily tailored to urban areas and are strongly oriented toward the requirements of city dwellers. But how can we improve the mobility of people in rural areas, provide adequate transportation and create more attractive alternatives to owning a car?

Funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy and Regional Development and in close cooperation with the local Roding Transportation Services, we are developing new ways for more mobility. App-bookable and autonomous driving solutions are a great opportunity to further develop and expand local public transport – flexible for passengers, cost-saving for the transport companies, gentle on the climate and forward-looking for the entire region.

The expansion of the sensor testing center in Roding supports the transfer of know-how to the region through the implementation of digitization projects and links regional and national research activities on the topic of “digital vehicle” and “sensor testing” from science and industry.


image/svg+xml AdlabSens SensIndex VirtabsAdsis AutBus FlashmobKI Datcomo KI Concept Design and Constructionof an Indoor Test Facility for ADAS / AD Sensors Development of a methodology andevaluation criteria for sensor testing Development of an autonomouson-demand shuttle for rural areas Development of a Mobility Platform (APP) for AI-based route planning and individual trip booking Virtual Validation of ADAS/ADSensors in Simulation & Sensor Model Development Build-up of an optimized, AI-baseddevelopment environment & data infrastructure

Project partners